Digesting the Xmas turkey in Worcester

Back from Xmas break (five days) – and it was a slow ‘turkey digesting’ game at Worcester Arena on Sunday.

Return to BBL action after the exciting Riders vs Wolves game on Tuesday – it was Wolves vs Force at the Arena.

Force post game comments

Paul Guede
Paul Guede
Remi Dibo
Remi Dibo


No chance of installing/testing the remote cameras today – due to holiday period basketball camps being run at the Arena before the tip-off. Now we just hope that the Wolves vs Eagles game will be played on the 9th of January to give a final test run before BBL Cup Final at the Barclaycard Arena.

Alex Owumi
Alex Owumi

PJ post game Force

Jamall guarded
Jamall guarded


The game was a low scoring event – with neither team hitting the high gears, but in the end Wolves hit the BIG threes at the end – thanks to Remi Dibo, Alex Owumi and Jamall Williams (whose brother Kai had an extended Xmas break from Sweden and help commentating the game on BBC H&W).


Memorable moments from the game were Kalil Irving slam-dunk on the first ten – which got the game and crowd warmed-up for few minutes. And on the last ten Chavis Holmes doing his best to emulate Jurgen Klinsmann ūüėČ


But – for this game, I let the coaches comments and pictures do the talking. I better clean the house for tomorrow….


Riders and Wolves send BBL on Winter Holidays!

Perfect sending off to four days of Winter Holidays from Riders vs Wolves

Once again Loughborough Uni offered an exciting end to the BBL-TV game – as Leicester Riders and Worcester Wolves played the last game in the league before couple of days of rest for the players and fans.

Chavis Holmes

Wolves had Robert Thurman in the opening warm-up, but with him not taking any running steps, or jumps – it looked unlikely that the player would feature in the evenings game. But the Wolves had a new signing Paul Guede to add depth to the roster

Still – the Riders looked strong and before the game, it felt like a home win coming. Some sharp shooting from the visitors did give them a small cushion early in the game, something that they held onto for a long time.

Wolves might have been in the lead, but it was Riders new boy TrayVonn Wright who gave the crowd something to shout about – nice little slam and then even more spectacular Alley-Oop from the pass of Neil Watson… if those didn’t get your bum of the seats, not quite sure what would?

As the game progressed, Wolves short bench started to get into foul trouble – which in the end resulted Remi Dibo being called for his fifth foul.

Just when it seemed Riders were taking the game, with little less than four minutes on the clock – after big threes from Bernardini and Washington.. the game had one more swing to offer.

PJ – Riders vs Wolves

Wolves tightened their defence and allowed only 2 POINTS!! in the last 3 minutes and 48 seconds – partly helped by missed free throws.

Visitors themselves kept their hand steady from the bonus stripe and that proved to be enough to win the game.

Rashad Hassan missed two from the line as Riders held a one point lead – after which the Wolves played smart and went past.. and held on to get the points.

At the end of the game – you could once again see the passion for the game from Riders coach Paternostro as he rushed after the referees. Some great pictures of this – but, it is Xmas and I am a kind hearted fellow.. so those images can stay in the archives for later use.


BBL action – Wolves vs Lions

After spending three weeks abroad – it was nice to return to familiar territory with BBL action in Worcester.


No remotes this time – more about covering from the usual point of view, as well as grabbing some post game interviews with the coaches and players.

Vince – post Wolves game

It was really enjoyable to see that some physical game was allowed at both ends of the court – even if it took coaches a while to adjust to this line of refereeing.

Rob Brown on Lions win

Tough news for home team before the game with Rob Thurman having to watch the game from the sidelines with an ankle ‘injury’. The player himself felt positive about possibly playing on Tuesday vs Riders away.

PJ on Wolves vs Lions


With little inside presence the Wolves needed to shoot from the outside to keep the game alive. Lions took the first strides in the game and quickly took a double digit lead (Drew Sullivan with some BIG threes). But it was the home team that landed the last three of the half reducing the gap just the little .. which meant that despite being behind, the Wolves could go to the locker room happy.


Big run from the home team on the third quarter and it was GAME ON – and the crowd were really getting behind the home team now. Wolves kept the initiative as Lions struggled to get points on the board and it looked like the Wolves might be pulling the result which before the start of the game would have been bit of a surprise.


And when the Wolves snapped the lead with some sharp shooting from Jamal and Dizzy.. Lions were forced to call for time. This seemed to help as Lions went on a run to take a ‘two basket’ lead midway through the last ten.

As so often with close games, it came down to some free throws.. Lions had their chances to put the game beyond Wolves from the line – but missed at crucial times.. highly contested ball at Wolves offence went the way of Lions .. and this time their shooting was enough, and it was the away team that left the Arena with the points.


Lions coach commented after the game “BBL is a tough league, and even if tonight isn’t Zaire’s night¬†(tonight Zaire Taylor), or Drew’s night… we have lots of weapons in this team to win the games for us”

Top points scorer Rod Brown “We knew that with Thurman missing the ball was going to spend a lot of time in the hands of Holmes and Owumi – and we had to take care of that and keep them to less than their average scoring”


Wolves coach PJ “With us missing the great inside presence of Thurman, we did have to change our approach to the game a little. But I think we played well and gave ourselves the chance to win the game in the end, but today the shots just didn’t fall for us”


All images and video ©Ville Vuorinen / No use allowed without permission !!

WBBL – Basketball at f1.8

Little bit of Women’s Basketball to¬†help Saturday afternoon go by !

Leicester Riders Interviews

As it had been a while since a game in the UK, for me – I headed down to Cardiff for the Trophy game between Archers and Riders. ¬†Enjoyable game at the ‘green room’ – with Archers missing Stef Collins for the first half of the game (due to traveling difficulties – from overseas as I understood it).

Kastine Evans - Riders
Kastine Evans – Riders

Archers still kept the game nice and close – and if it hadn’t been for the on the ‘death’ three pointer.. it would have been even closer.

For me – the game was mostly about giving the Canon 200mm f1.8 lens another outing. The lens just gives beautiful images – even if my copy probably will be retired in the next year or two.

Archers vs Riders
Archers vs Riders

Second half saw Riders pulling away quickly with Maaja Bratka working the point from under the basket on her way to a big double-double. Bratka and Evans combined for 44 points of the Riders 81 points.

It was also big thanks to Elliot-King who hit some crucial three pointers at the right time for Riders. For Archers – Collins entered the game for a while in the second half, but Riders kept pulling away.

C.Colgan - Archers
C.Colgan – Archers

In the end a comfortable win for Riders, who take another step closer to the Trophy Final – after the game, quick comments from Riders side with Kastine Evans and Coach Harber giving their views of the game.

DBBL and Beko BBL in Germany

What a weekend !!!

Now, that’s of course the way to start a post that will tell how magnificent it is to be a sports photographer and how traveling is the best thing since sliced bread and no-one else should attempt to do sports photography…. ūüėČ

DBBL action from Germany
DBBL action from Germany

During the weekend I was lucky enough to get the chance to cover to basketball games in Germany. A Women’s DBBL game in Wasserburg with Tiina Sten and then Sunday a BEKO BBL game in Ludwigsburg with Shawn Huff, both who are Finnish International players for the senior national teams.

DBBL action from Germany
DBBL action from Germany

Two very different games, with Sten’s Wasserburg running clear winners over Rhein-Mein and in Ludwigsburg a late heart-break for Huff’s MHP Reisen as they lost to Phoenix Hagen, who made a strong come back in the second half of the game.

DBBL action from Germany
DBBL action from Germany

Photography-wise also very different approach to both games, with different things to look for in the action – and for myself the focus was mainly on the two Finnish players to get good pictures of them in action.

DBBL action from Germany
DBBL action from Germany

But as a photograph (who happens to enjoy covering basketball) I couldn’t help but take pictures of the whole game while there.

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Also – for some reason while in Wasserburg, even I got interviewed, now I am used to doing the interviews from the otherside.. but someone interviewing me. That doesn’t happen too often – hope I made some sense with my answers.

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Positive things to notice was that around 1000 fans had come to the Women’s game – a sport that doesn’t always get the limelight and amount of fans it deserves. Drums and all.. ¬†In Ludwigsburg – once again almost full house and great presentation of the event.. I have been to two games in Ludwigsburg and can’t wait to get to the third!

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Travel-wise, some time spent on the Germans autobahn – bit of free-time photography in Wasserburg (beautiful little town) – delayed flight due to fog in Munich, so got to spend an extra night on the road as I missed my connecting flight to Birmingham.

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Did also get to use skills from my old job of being a Chef, as I got to use the kitchen to cook a dinner for three Finns in Germany… makes a change to trying to find the nearest McD’s of KFC ūüėČ

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Big thank to Tiina Sten for everything over the first two days, and also to Shawn for coming to have a chat after the game! Looking forward to catching up with both either during this season or during the ‘Susi-summer 2015’

Few photos of the two games attached – to colour things up a little. The interviews will be put online LATE tonight!!

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Kataja Basket – EuroChallenge in Mons

Small re-cap of the past weeks EuroTravel to Belgium for first EuroChallenge game of 2014-2015 season.

Kataja fan and the cheerleaders
Kataja fan and the cheerleaders

For the last three season I’ve been lucky enough to cover Kataja Basket in EuroChallenge, and it has taken me to exciting places in Latvia, Cyprus, Turkey, Romania.. to name few. Since the ‘regionalisation’ of the competition the visits have been closer to home.. but games have been good (mostly).

Pete still knows how to handle the ball.
Pete still knows how to handle the ball.

So the first trip of this season took me to Mons in Belgium – where Kataja faced the Mons-Hainault team. Traveling to the game with the flu, wasn’t the greatest experience while driving Folkestone to overnight and then continue to Mons.


Game itself is something Kataja might quickly forget – only five players scoring and home team were comfortable winners in the end. But at least one Kataja fan took advantage of the local hospitality (see picture!!) – where as the team certainly know they can perform better.

Wiring images abroad can at times be challenging – despite all the help from the club, giving me THREE different passwords to THREE different networks.. none worked for me during the game. My mobile didn’t want to connect to internet and my Mi-Fi didn’t want to either. So it was lots of frustration as you battle against print dead-line on a timezone an hour ahead of 8.30pm tip-off.

From my own point of view – Mons seemed nice enough city and enjoyed the art installation that they were building there, also took in the sights of the funfair and ate fries&sauce while watching the locals enjoy late night out.

When photographer gets bored with the game
When photographer gets bored with the game

Second part of the ‘road-trip’ took me to Women’s Volleyball Champions League game… but more of that in my photo blog (so as to keep these pages just for basketball).

Next weekend – off to cover some BBL and DBBL in Germany!!

Wolves game remote images


Remote camera action from above the basket at Worcester Arena.


Rebound action from the roof remote at Worcester Wolves game.

W-W07Alex Owumi in Black&White edit from the remote camera.


More remote camera action from Worcester Arena on Friday.

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Above the Action – post 1

Action in the BBL, captured from above
Action in the BBL, captured from above

Finding new angles to cover the same sport !!

Something every photographer comes to deal with, especially after cover the same sport for many years. You need to somehow be better/different than all the competition out there.

For me that has in the recent years meant exploring photographing basketball from above the basket. In one of the recent posts I posted an image from EuroCup game from behind the backboard. Now – a glimpse at what the action looks like when looking down on the basket from the ceiling.

This image was taken in a British Basketball League game at Worcester Arena on Halloween 2014 – in a game featuring Worcester Wolves and Bristol Flyers. In the action Flyers, Greg Streete is attempting to block a shot by Wolves, Alex Owumi.

A longer post is coming with more images from the game – and for photographers a longer post explaining the instalment of the camera and other practicalities.

All images © Ville Vuorinen РNO UNPAID use allowed, please contact for usage rights!! (this includes the players!!)

Remote Camera action from Ljubljana

EuroCup Basketball remote camera
EuroCup Basketball remote camera

Last week I had my ‘annual trip’ to Ljubljana, Slovenia – to photograph an EuroCup game between Olimpija Ljublajana and BC Khimki.

In addition to the normal action images from behind the baseline, this year I also used a remote camera being a backboard – just to get a different perspective to the action and hopefully getting something good from it.

As well as the usual selection of dunks – this image of BC Khimki player Tyrese Rice stuck out from the bunch. It is, for me, one of those images that makes installing a remote camera worth it.

There are sometimes many games in a row where you don’t get a single image you look at and go “Yes, that’s a cracker!”. But you persevere because when you get something good… it really is GOOD!

For this image – the equipment used was Canon 1DX, Canon 16-35mm f2.8 (at about 16-17mm).

Shame about the empty stands behind – this due to the game being played without a crowd (last season crowd trouble in Ljubljana).

Bringing Basketballviews back!

Higher Selfie
Higher Selfie


Few years ago I was quite good at keeping my Basketballviews.com website – there were interviews with players, videos, photos and lots more.

But then clients started to pay me to do all the things I did for free (or to promote myself). So the time to keep-up a website just disappeared somewhere and after some updating of backend of the hosting.. all the old files were deleted.

Now it is time to get back doing things – there are few projects in the pipeline that hopefully will get readers interested in following the story – and also some random photography things for those more interested in taking pictures than looking at them.

So – please bear with me over the coming weeks when the site starts to get more content and looking better… but for now, this is a start and hopefully the project will go on for many years to come!