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Wolves keep the title race open!

Despite covering tons of games in the league, I don’t always ‘enjoy’ the games – no worries with that on Friday, one of the most entertaining BBL games in a long time!

Paul Guede on Wolves win

Definitely no love lost between the two teams, right from the get-go Alex Owumi and Fab Flournoy had a nice heated exchange of words, Darius Defoe and Rob Thurman were competing under the basket… it was just good passion from both teams desperate to win the game.

Rob Thurman on Wolves win over Eagles

Not sure of the last time I’ve seen Eagles 0/10 from three point range after first 20 minutes. Also, missing four free throws in a row when it was a one point game late in the fourth..

Dave F on Eagles game vs Wolves

The action was best summed up by Wolves coach Paul James “If that game doesn’t make the fans come back to see a game… then I don’t know what will”.

Paul James on Wolves performance

From Eagles point of view, as well as losing the game – they now have to worry over the ankle of Scott Martin, who landed awkwardly after going for a rebound ball in the opening half.


But as always, let the players and coaches do the talking – and photos to tell the story.


Great advert for BBL and now Sunday’s BBL Cup Final needs to be quite special to top this one!!




Betty Codona Classic – Day One – 2015

Photos and Videos from the First Day at Betty Codona Classic 2015 !!

The post was MUCH longer – but when it all gets deleted for some off reason at 11.40pm … you just leave it to the short version over night and finish it off in the morning. But for those of you still awake – few video interview and photos from the first day of action in Sheffield.

First video clip and interviews – from Leicester Riders vs Manchester Mystics (both coaches and Maaja Bratka)

Riders vs Mystics


Second video clip and interviews – from Sheffield Hatters vs Cardiff Archers (both coaches and Helen Naylor)

Hatters vs Archers


Third video clip and interviews – from last two games of the day (coaches of Barking/Northumbria and Wildcats)

Barking vs Northumbria / Nottingham vs Suns


First day of the Betty Codona Classic in Sheffield saw four games – three quite clear wins (by numbers) and one closer battle.

Game that ran the closest was Barking Abbey vs Northumbria – the ‘women in black’ almost dug themselves out of a 20 point hole, with a chance to make it a two point game in the final minutes. But with the miss, and Barking’s Bratlova hitting a BIG three at the other end from the following attach.. it was a seven point game – instead of two. Giryanova sunk four out of four from the charity stripe as Barking held on to the win and progressed into the Cup semi-final vs Nottingham Wildcats.

Other three games saw clear winners, with Leicester Riders, Sheffield Hatters and Nottingham Wildcats taking the road to semi-finals of BCC 2015.

– Top scorer of the day : Carmen Reynolds/Nottingham Wildcats with 30 points

– Top rebounder of the day : Kayla Mobley/Northumbria with 13 rebounds.

– Pass of the day : Gabby Nikitinaite/Sevenoaks Suns with behind the  back from a fast break (no basket, but free-throws were made.. so just for the sheer visual pleasure.. this takes the top spot!)

Saturday’s Semi-Finals (of Cup and Plate)

Manchester Mystics vs Cardiff Archers

Leicester Riders – Sheffield Hatters

Sevenoaks Suns – Northumbria

Nottingham Wildcats – Barking Abbey


BBL action – Wolves vs Lions

After spending three weeks abroad – it was nice to return to familiar territory with BBL action in Worcester.


No remotes this time – more about covering from the usual point of view, as well as grabbing some post game interviews with the coaches and players.

Vince – post Wolves game

It was really enjoyable to see that some physical game was allowed at both ends of the court – even if it took coaches a while to adjust to this line of refereeing.

Rob Brown on Lions win

Tough news for home team before the game with Rob Thurman having to watch the game from the sidelines with an ankle ‘injury’. The player himself felt positive about possibly playing on Tuesday vs Riders away.

PJ on Wolves vs Lions


With little inside presence the Wolves needed to shoot from the outside to keep the game alive. Lions took the first strides in the game and quickly took a double digit lead (Drew Sullivan with some BIG threes). But it was the home team that landed the last three of the half reducing the gap just the little .. which meant that despite being behind, the Wolves could go to the locker room happy.


Big run from the home team on the third quarter and it was GAME ON – and the crowd were really getting behind the home team now. Wolves kept the initiative as Lions struggled to get points on the board and it looked like the Wolves might be pulling the result which before the start of the game would have been bit of a surprise.


And when the Wolves snapped the lead with some sharp shooting from Jamal and Dizzy.. Lions were forced to call for time. This seemed to help as Lions went on a run to take a ‘two basket’ lead midway through the last ten.

As so often with close games, it came down to some free throws.. Lions had their chances to put the game beyond Wolves from the line – but missed at crucial times.. highly contested ball at Wolves offence went the way of Lions .. and this time their shooting was enough, and it was the away team that left the Arena with the points.


Lions coach commented after the game “BBL is a tough league, and even if tonight isn’t Zaire’s night (tonight Zaire Taylor), or Drew’s night… we have lots of weapons in this team to win the games for us”

Top points scorer Rod Brown “We knew that with Thurman missing the ball was going to spend a lot of time in the hands of Holmes and Owumi – and we had to take care of that and keep them to less than their average scoring”


Wolves coach PJ “With us missing the great inside presence of Thurman, we did have to change our approach to the game a little. But I think we played well and gave ourselves the chance to win the game in the end, but today the shots just didn’t fall for us”


All images and video ©Ville Vuorinen / No use allowed without permission !!

DBBL and Beko BBL in Germany

What a weekend !!!

Now, that’s of course the way to start a post that will tell how magnificent it is to be a sports photographer and how traveling is the best thing since sliced bread and no-one else should attempt to do sports photography…. 😉

DBBL action from Germany
DBBL action from Germany

During the weekend I was lucky enough to get the chance to cover to basketball games in Germany. A Women’s DBBL game in Wasserburg with Tiina Sten and then Sunday a BEKO BBL game in Ludwigsburg with Shawn Huff, both who are Finnish International players for the senior national teams.

DBBL action from Germany
DBBL action from Germany

Two very different games, with Sten’s Wasserburg running clear winners over Rhein-Mein and in Ludwigsburg a late heart-break for Huff’s MHP Reisen as they lost to Phoenix Hagen, who made a strong come back in the second half of the game.

DBBL action from Germany
DBBL action from Germany

Photography-wise also very different approach to both games, with different things to look for in the action – and for myself the focus was mainly on the two Finnish players to get good pictures of them in action.

DBBL action from Germany
DBBL action from Germany

But as a photograph (who happens to enjoy covering basketball) I couldn’t help but take pictures of the whole game while there.

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Also – for some reason while in Wasserburg, even I got interviewed, now I am used to doing the interviews from the otherside.. but someone interviewing me. That doesn’t happen too often – hope I made some sense with my answers.

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Positive things to notice was that around 1000 fans had come to the Women’s game – a sport that doesn’t always get the limelight and amount of fans it deserves. Drums and all..  In Ludwigsburg – once again almost full house and great presentation of the event.. I have been to two games in Ludwigsburg and can’t wait to get to the third!

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Travel-wise, some time spent on the Germans autobahn – bit of free-time photography in Wasserburg (beautiful little town) – delayed flight due to fog in Munich, so got to spend an extra night on the road as I missed my connecting flight to Birmingham.

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Did also get to use skills from my old job of being a Chef, as I got to use the kitchen to cook a dinner for three Finns in Germany… makes a change to trying to find the nearest McD’s of KFC 😉

BEKO BBL action from Germany
BEKO BBL action from Germany

Big thank to Tiina Sten for everything over the first two days, and also to Shawn for coming to have a chat after the game! Looking forward to catching up with both either during this season or during the ‘Susi-summer 2015’

Few photos of the two games attached – to colour things up a little. The interviews will be put online LATE tonight!!

All Images © Ville Vuorinen/Basketballviews – NO UNAUTHORISED USE ALLOWED – Please contact for permission to use images!