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Remote Camera action from Ljubljana

EuroCup Basketball remote camera
EuroCup Basketball remote camera

Last week I had my ‘annual trip’ to Ljubljana, Slovenia – to photograph an EuroCup game between Olimpija Ljublajana and BC Khimki.

In addition to the normal action images from behind the baseline, this year I also used a remote camera being a backboard – just to get a different perspective to the action and hopefully getting something good from it.

As well as the usual selection of dunks – this image of BC Khimki player Tyrese Rice stuck out from the bunch. It is, for me, one of those images that makes installing a remote camera worth it.

There are sometimes many games in a row where you don’t get a single image you look at and go “Yes, that’s a cracker!”. But you persevere because when you get something good… it really is GOOD!

For this image – the equipment used was Canon 1DX, Canon 16-35mm f2.8 (at about 16-17mm).

Shame about the empty stands behind – this due to the game being played without a crowd (last season crowd trouble in Ljubljana).