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Lassi Tuovi – always learning!

Interview with Lassi Tuovi (Assistant coach of Finnish National team – Susijengi – in Finnish)

Lassi Tuovin haastattelu (Suomeksi) – Nanterre, Ranska.

Lassi Tuovi – Nanterre, France

One of the Assistant Coaches of Finnish National Basketball team, Lassi Tuovi, has spent the autumn going around games in France and Germany and looking at the game from the stands. In which he calls a break from coaching for the autumn and also a learning experience.

It was an informed choice to do this says Tuovi, and adds – you can learn basketball (tactics) in many ways and seeing the game from a different point of view is refreshing. Also being invited to see EuroLeague games, etc has been a good way to learn new things with different teams. For a coach, to be able to observe how other coaches work is one of the best ways to learn new things – so I will definitely take something out of this autumn..

He also adds that as himself and Jukka Toijala (another assistant coach) are spending time traveling and seeing games – there might be some new ‘tricks’ to take back to the National Team with them, once the International seasons returns next summer.

Returning to the Wolfpacks experience in Spain2014 – he admits that as the team didn’t reach their goal, a slight disappointment is one of the feelings – especially when reaching the goal was ‘one basket away’. But after couple of extremely successful EuroBasket’s – maybe the World Cup 2014 in Spain might have left the team with little extra ‘hunger’ for the international competitions in 2015.

Lassi Tuovi – Nanterre, France