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Wolves keep the title race open!

Despite covering tons of games in the league, I don’t always ‘enjoy’ the games – no worries with that on Friday, one of the most entertaining BBL games in a long time!

Paul Guede on Wolves win

Definitely no love lost between the two teams, right from the get-go Alex Owumi and Fab Flournoy had a nice heated exchange of words, Darius Defoe and Rob Thurman were competing under the basket… it was just good passion from both teams desperate to win the game.

Rob Thurman on Wolves win over Eagles

Not sure of the last time I’ve seen Eagles 0/10 from three point range after first 20 minutes. Also, missing four free throws in a row when it was a one point game late in the fourth..

Dave F on Eagles game vs Wolves

The action was best summed up by Wolves coach Paul James “If that game doesn’t make the fans come back to see a game… then I don’t know what will”.

Paul James on Wolves performance

From Eagles point of view, as well as losing the game – they now have to worry over the ankle of Scott Martin, who landed awkwardly after going for a rebound ball in the opening half.


But as always, let the players and coaches do the talking – and photos to tell the story.


Great advert for BBL and now Sunday’s BBL Cup Final needs to be quite special to top this one!!




Wolves game remote images


Remote camera action from above the basket at Worcester Arena.


Rebound action from the roof remote at Worcester Wolves game.

W-W07Alex Owumi in Black&White edit from the remote camera.


More remote camera action from Worcester Arena on Friday.

© All Images Copyright © Ville Vuorinen – NO UNPAID USE ALLOWED !! Any use without permission will be charged!

Above the Action – post 1

Action in the BBL, captured from above
Action in the BBL, captured from above

Finding new angles to cover the same sport !!

Something every photographer comes to deal with, especially after cover the same sport for many years. You need to somehow be better/different than all the competition out there.

For me that has in the recent years meant exploring photographing basketball from above the basket. In one of the recent posts I posted an image from EuroCup game from behind the backboard. Now – a glimpse at what the action looks like when looking down on the basket from the ceiling.

This image was taken in a British Basketball League game at Worcester Arena on Halloween 2014 – in a game featuring Worcester Wolves and Bristol Flyers. In the action Flyers, Greg Streete is attempting to block a shot by Wolves, Alex Owumi.

A longer post is coming with more images from the game – and for photographers a longer post explaining the instalment of the camera and other practicalities.

All images © Ville Vuorinen – NO UNPAID use allowed, please contact for usage rights!! (this includes the players!!)

Remote Camera action from Ljubljana

EuroCup Basketball remote camera
EuroCup Basketball remote camera

Last week I had my ‘annual trip’ to Ljubljana, Slovenia – to photograph an EuroCup game between Olimpija Ljublajana and BC Khimki.

In addition to the normal action images from behind the baseline, this year I also used a remote camera being a backboard – just to get a different perspective to the action and hopefully getting something good from it.

As well as the usual selection of dunks – this image of BC Khimki player Tyrese Rice stuck out from the bunch. It is, for me, one of those images that makes installing a remote camera worth it.

There are sometimes many games in a row where you don’t get a single image you look at and go “Yes, that’s a cracker!”. But you persevere because when you get something good… it really is GOOD!

For this image – the equipment used was Canon 1DX, Canon 16-35mm f2.8 (at about 16-17mm).

Shame about the empty stands behind – this due to the game being played without a crowd (last season crowd trouble in Ljubljana).

Bringing Basketballviews back!

Higher Selfie
Higher Selfie


Few years ago I was quite good at keeping my Basketballviews.com website – there were interviews with players, videos, photos and lots more.

But then clients started to pay me to do all the things I did for free (or to promote myself). So the time to keep-up a website just disappeared somewhere and after some updating of backend of the hosting.. all the old files were deleted.

Now it is time to get back doing things – there are few projects in the pipeline that hopefully will get readers interested in following the story – and also some random photography things for those more interested in taking pictures than looking at them.

So – please bear with me over the coming weeks when the site starts to get more content and looking better… but for now, this is a start and hopefully the project will go on for many years to come!